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This is where to buy lexan spanking paddles
for fun and erotic spankings

And now for something completely new:

Would you like to be able to sanitize your paddle?
This is especially important if you play with more than one partner.
You should be cleaning your spanking toys after a good work out.
So here it is...
I call it, "The Sanitizer"
The world's FIRST dishwasher-safe spanking paddle!

dishwasher-safe spanking paddle

What's it made of? Restaurant quality high density polyethylene.
This is the same material that high quality cutting boards are made of.
You can sanitize this spanking paddle by putting it in your dishwasher or sink.

sanitize your spanking paddles
It measures 1/2" thick, 3" wide X 12" long.
The feel of this plastic spanking paddle is smooth and slightly textured.
The edges have been rounded and sanded smooth.
You and your spanking partner are going to love the way this feels!
Yours for only $37.00 including packing and shipping in the USA.

WARNING: Do not buy an ACRYLIC plastic spanking paddle
if you like moderately hard to heavy spankings.
ACRYLIC spanking paddles will shatter into dangerously sharp pieces!
I do not sell, nor do I recommend ACRYLIC paddles.

The plastic spanking paddles below are made from polycarbonate plastic.
If you're familiar with the name "Lexan", that is one brand name of polycarbonate.
Polycarbonate plastic, by whatever brand name, is virtually unbreakable and shatterproof.
If you somehow manage to break one of these,
just send me the pieces when you get out of jail and I'll make you a new one free.

Thank you Mayo...I received the paddle and its exactly what I wanted.
I am happy to say that my butt is pretty sore now....a little hard to sit...LOL.
I guess hubby finds it the perfect implement to keep me in line in the future.
Thank you again and I hope to do business with you in the future. Sharon :)

• white polycarbonate plastic paddles have a velvety smooth satin finish.
This means your paddle will look good for a long time.

• The satin finish slides across skin and doesn't stick or grab the way a glossy paddle does.
This allows you to gently rub or caress and glide the paddle over your partner.
For those tender moments, of course.

spanking, paddling, erotic pain
$29.00 including packing and shipping in the USA.
12 Holes Measures 3"x12"
A perfect size for over the knee spankings
The holes make for less wind resistance and more sensation.

spanking paddles for S&M
$37.00 including packing and shipping in the USA.
There's 18 Points I want to bring up...
The 6" round plastic paddle covers lots of area at once.
Try lightly scratching the points over sensitive skin! WOW
Over all size is 6" x 12"

dominance and submission
$29.00 including packing and shipping in the USA.
Be Still My Beating Heart
Can you feel my heart beating? How about NOW?
With this spanking paddle someone is gonna feel something...
Measures 3" x 12"

lexan spanking paddles
$29.00 including packing and shipping in the USA.
Old Yeller
I was gonna call this paddle The Old Standard but Old Yeller came out instead.
It's not yellow, it's white - but it WILL produce some yelling!
Measures 3" x 12"

Any of the above designs available as 1/4" thick
BLACK Lexan Paddles for just $5.00 additional

Custom made plastic spanking paddles:
I'll make you just about any shape, any size. Engraved or plain.
Contact me with your details
Custom Spanking Paddle Prices start at $49.95

Here's how to order:
I accept checks, money orders, and PayPal.
For PayPal, just click the add to cart buttons above
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Travel time can be 1 to 4 days, so expect about two weeks total time.

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